Keystone Capital Ltd (“Keystone”) is an experienced, Australian Financial Services Licenced (“AFSL”), fund manager that specialises in the origination and management of investment opportunities secured by mortgages over real property assets across Australia.

Keystone is the manager of two retail funds:

The KC Select Income Fund – a contributory mortgage fund that was established in 2013; and

The KC Diversified Income Fund – A pooled mortgage fund that was established in 2017.

Keystone prides itself on strong compliance, mortgage management, service delivery and key strategic relationships. Its Board of Directors, Senior Management, and the Credit Committee are comprised of highly regarded professionals with in excess of 200 years of combined expertise in property, banking, credit analysis, compliance and funds management.

For our Investors: Keystone’s objective is to provide consistent, high yielding investment returns that are secured against mortgage security over quality real estate assets.

For our Borrowers: Keystone’s objective is to work with the Borrower and their advisors to provide the best funding outcome.



Keystone provides loans to borrowers who for one reason or another either have not been able to gain their required finance from a mainstream bank lender



If you wish to invest in either the KC Select Income Fund or the KC Diversified Income Fund you will need to obtain a copy of the relevant PDS.